The Big Struggle

Posted on November 4, 2009


Everyday is a fight to get where we want to go. That goes for everyone. For me, I’ve been trying to get sponsors for 2010.  I’ve made some headway but coming up with the money to pay for races and for travel to these races seems to be the biggest expense. The NYC Triathlon was a whopping $245 for entry!

My point is not to complain because I chose this path.  Its my responsibility to pay my bills, go to work, and function as a normal member of society.

Here is a good read on a guy who was at his limit and came out on top.  I felt very similar to this the two weeks leading up to Duathlon Worlds. I had bills to pay, needed to order my uniform, had to secure where to sleep down there, still had to go to work, still train, and do my homework for the one class I am taking.  I’m thankful that my family and friends have helped with financial support and moral support because I came out on top (nearly).

Anyways, read THIS.

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