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Posted on January 19, 2010


Not me but I wish it was this type of test

Last Thursday I went out for my first Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test on the bike.  I was having issues with a PowerTap (PT) I borrowed the previous night while riding at Training Night at Bikeway.  I had to get the test done early and head to work. I woke up and it was around 30 degrees and sunny.  I chose to go skimpy on the clothes so I wasn’t restricted and headed out on the warmup.  Right away I was averaging 350 watts so I knew the test wouldn’t be exact since I’m no Lance Armstrong (Damnit, I said I wouldnt mention his name).

I went through with the test anyways to check out if the one flat road every TT’s on is long enough for a  20 minute effort. I made it 19 min and 45 secs before I reached where the road dips down into Rosendale. 20 min hurts. 20 min hurts real bad when you’re alone, cursing at yourself to go as hard as you can (I grunted loudly not noticing the woman checking her mail. Sorry Ma’am!). 20 min hurts even worse when the wind cuts through your tights and makes certain parts of the male anatomy lose feeling (Just think of how you toes feel after hours of ice skating. Yeah.)

Other areas of training are going ok. The arch is starting to feel better. I can go 30 min every other day without pain so far. Going to keep doing that for another week or two.  Swimming has been going ok. Been straining my back learning flip turns but I’ve kept up with the stretch cord workouts to supplement.

Cycling has been going really well. Went for a nice 3 hour ride with one climb right out of New Paltz that is 5k long and another late into the ride coming back over the ridge that took around 30 minutes. I love long climbs. I really enjoy them when it’s snowing out. Yeah. You heard me correctly. I was caught out in the storm on Sunday. I felt like Andy Hempstead on the Gavia in the Giro.

Thats all for now.

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