A Team Effort

Posted on January 27, 2010


My Wake-up Call via Tramp!

When I decided to pursue a career in triathlon I made the promise to myself that I’d take it as far as I could without putting myself into major debit or putting undue stress on my family, friends, employers, and others around me. Now, perceptions of what qualifies as “undue stress” and “debit” are often personal definitions but hopefully you get what I am saying. Even Chris McCormick and Conrad Stoltz talk about having to race for prize money to eat.


I was asked by a friend to come out to Tuscon and train with her and other professionals under the guidance of a highly respected coach. It was and still isn’t set in stone but let’s just say I have been getting my bills, savings, and other things organized since December so I could give myself a fighting chance of going out there.

About two weeks ago, with the cost of a class at a local state school and rent looming, I decided I wasn’t going to go.  Last year I got in such a hole around this time it made things really difficult. Doing that again was out of the question! My Dad has been on board and has been working hard to help me financially so I can go but, honestly, I didn’t want to put that kind of stress on him.

Trying to make the financially smart decision this time around, I nixed the plan. That is, until I sat down with my friend Ron who more-or-less said it was silly to say no without trying to see what I could do to make it out there. He was so right. I was giving up without even attempting! So I woke up, giving myself two weeks to make calls to anyone and everyone I knew who was in a position to help me financially to get to Tuscon, I started to call people.  So far I have picked up 3 new business (Thanks to Ross and Tony at Homestead Funding Corp, Dr. Mike at Lake Katrine Animal Hospital, and Doug at The Main Street Bistro) and 1 relative (Thanks Aunt Tina) throw in some much need money to help me get there. Check out the updated Sponsor page!

Now, everyone is presented life altering opportunities during their life. Who knows, maybe this will be one of those moments.

This challenge really brings home the point that it’s so hard to make it to the top alone. Now triathlon is often viewed as an individual sport but, every successful athlete has a team behind them. I really believe you need the support of family, friends, sponsors/businesses, training partners, race directors, etc. Just knowing that I have the support of my family, friends and my community means the world to me. It gives me so much confidence during training and racing.

Watch out USA…New Paltz is coming after you!

Until then I’ll have Tramp waking me up to go train in the cold.

Getting Caught in Snow on the Bike.

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