Winter Frustration

Posted on February 10, 2010


winter time in NP

Snowy in New Paltz today.

Several things have been bothering me lately. Just going to attack it via bullet style. In no particular order:

  • Snow. It’s snowing right now. Its getting to that time of the year where I’m over it. Luckily, I did my bike workout out on the roads yesterday. But, yeah…over it.
  • Swimming. After talking to Mike, a TI instructor and Head XC Coach at SUNY New Paltz, I think I figured out my shoulder issue. I’ve been keeping my left elbow too close to my body in the recovery phase. Last night I focused on keeping my elbow out away from my body. It worked. No pain.
  • Swimming. My low back is still having issues. I think its from pushing off. I have to do more core work and make sure my body is aligned when I push off the wall.
  • Swimming. I’ve received emails from Barb Linquist about an Elite Developmental Draft-legal triathlon series.  The first race is on March 7th in Clermont.  I have to do a swim test to get invited, which to me doesn’t make sense that they are limiting who gets to go to a development race. Wouldn’t you want everyone to try it? Anyways, I have to swim 200 yards in 2:15 from a diving start, 1 min recovery, then 800 yards in 10:00 from a push off.   I have my work cut out for me!
  • Running. Foot is still bothering me. Although, I did do a transition run finishing around 6 flat pace without any issues. Hopefully, I can figure out that issue.
  • School. I’m taking one class this semester as I get one free class per term from SUNY NP. I have to miss three classes this semester; two for work and one for the training camp.  I’ve offered to do the scheduled work and labs ahead of time and to make a conference call during the class time while I’m in AZ to help my group out during class time. I think I’m still getting point taken off. Its upsetting me because I feel that I’m acting in a professional manner and no one cares.

Good notes:

  • Training. Cycling is going well. I’m getting some help from Dorothy Hamburg. She did a strength assessment and a gate analysis and found that my right side is too strong and that my right hip is rotated causing a rise in my left shoulder and a twisting of my low back…no wonder why that always bothers me. Looking forward to fixing those issues.
  • Tuscon. Booking my trip today to go there. Really excited.
  • Poughkeepsie Journal. I was brought into Bikeway to help facilitate everything triathlon. One of the areas was to create and foster a triathlon and cycling club. Nancy Haggerty of the Poughkeepsie Journal wrote a fantastic article that was front page in Sunday’s Sports section of the paper. You can read it by clicking HERE.
  • May be heading to the city this weekend to celebrate my younger brother Cory’s birthday. Hopefully, he doesn’t have to work on Friday night.

Well, that’s about it for now. It feels better to get some of that stuff off my chest.

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