Posted on February 20, 2010



SUNY New Paltz Pool

It finally got me. Not the big harry monster that lives under my bed but, something similar. Something that endurance athletes hate. Especially endurance athletes who are trying to go to Tuscon, AZ to train with other endurance athletes who are much better than they are.

I got sick.

Probably from doing one more swim workout than I should have but, it was more the accumulation of many things.

It was the last drop that broke the dams.


I cried.

I cried because everything came and hit me at once as I was laying down, sick as a dog, on a couch. It was confusing because at the time I wasn’t upset really. More frustrated. It was a quick “Woe is me!” session but, afterward I felt much better emotionally.

Unless you sacrificed everything to pursue a dream than you may never understand why I cried. For those who have been there or are doing it; you know exactly why.

I didn’t think there was too much effecting me right now but, obviously there is.

See right now I am working 3 different jobs; at The Shawangunk Running Company selling shoes, at Bikeway selling bikes and helping run their triathlon and cycling club and at SUNY New Paltz as an assistant coach. The running shop and the coaching job are in New Paltz, which is where I live. Bikeway is in Dutchess county so I have to drive a bit. Also, one night a week I take a graduate level class so I can get my Masters in Education. In-between all of that I train. And what’s left I have a quassi social life and after that its in my bed sleeping.

Looking at it all its a lot right now but, it feels good to be able to keep my head afloat financially this year. Last year I struggled a lot.

So I’m not going to Tuscon to train. I’m just going to focus on being more consistent and move forward from there.

On a lighter note I received my Cervelo S3 and it’s just ridiculous. I cannot wait till it is fully built and I can ride the sucker!

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