A Fresh Start

Posted on February 22, 2010



2010 YMCA Indoor Triathlon

I finally was able to function this past Friday without taking loads of Advil. Thank the Lord because it was getting a bit old being sick. So, with renewed vigor and passion, I drove up to check out the 2010 Kingston YMCA Indoor Triathlon.  It’s always nice to see everyone; even met one fellow, Mike, who has done the race 20 out of 21 times the race was held. Talk about consistency. I believe Nick Brundage won the event. At least he was the strongest athlete I saw who was participating.


Top of Mt. Beacon

After the triathlon I drove over to Beacon to meet my father to go hiking. Tramp and my dad have such a unique bond it’s really special to see. I know I must sound like a groovy patchouli lovin’ Hippie, but, once you see it for yourself you’ll have to just refrain from making fun of me.

We chose to hike up Mt. Beacon and as Jack Frost once wrote,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

So we veered right and trudged up the path with barely any foot prints. Essentially, we trail-blazed up the mountain and, as any of my Marist teammates (ROLEK) can attest too, I love going off trail or the more rugged paths. It became apparent to me that I inherited that trait from my father. I can recall more walks through the woods than on trails during my childhood.

Near the top we found a neat little cliff with this dead tree. I took some pictures and was wishing I had a better camera.

Well, now that I am healthy it’s all about the fresh start. I’m going to take things slowly and just get into the best shape I can. My first big test is the Columbia Olympic Triathlon on May 23 so I have time on my side at this point.

Training details to come.

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