Save Minnewaska State Park

Posted on March 2, 2010


Lake Minnewaska


Times are bad. So bad that NY State Gov. Patterson is contemplating closing over 50 state parks and historic sites in order to save money. Unfortunately, Minnewaska is on that list. 

This is the first time ever that parks are being closed in order to save money for the state budget.  That includes surviving through the Great Depression in the late 20’s-30’s. 

Minnewaska provides an uncomprehendable resource to nearby communities by providing a place for recreational activities, tourism, etc. 

To catch up on what’s going on read this NY Times article and to become an advocate join the Save Minewaska Facebook group

Also you can speak directly to those people who make the decisions that effect us all: 

Call the Governor’s Office 518-474-8390
Call your State Senator (Bonacic)(518) 455-3181
Call your State Assembly Rep (Cahill) 845-338-9610

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