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Posted on March 10, 2010


old house

Old House

The weather this past week has given us Northeasters a nice little whiff of what is to come. That is, Spring is around the corner. On Sunday, with temps in the upper 50’s, many cyclists made the trek to Bethel, CT for Race #1 of the month long series. This is my second year of doing the Bethel races and was my first race as a CAT 4 racer. Although my training hadn’t been what I wanted throughout the winter I was still able to be fairly aggressive. Actually, now that I think of it, probably too aggressive.

My goal for doing the criterium style series is to get some racing mileage in the legs in a safe and controlled manner. I’m not there to sit in the pack and sprint for the finish. I want it to be hard. I want to be on the rivet a little to see where I am at. So, I attack. A lot. But, to no avail this time. I’ll try again next week.

After I was done racing, I drove home and went for another ride. I happened to pass one of the several houses I lived in as a child. It’s an old converted barn that is on the same property of a very large house. When we lived there we were care-takers of said “very large” house. We moved in when I was 3 years old and when my mother and father told me we were going to live in a barn I immediately thought about all the farm animals. However, to my surprise, I was disappointed to find out that there were no animals. Nevertheless, I have many great memories of running around the fields, helping my father work on the property and much, much more.


New Race Bike: Cervelo S3

On Tuesday I was able to take my new Cervelo S3 out for its maiden voyage. I was pessimistic at first because there is a lot of hype about this bike and I wanted to ride it in a very subjective manner to really see if I could notice the differences. So, I aimed the sucker at every bump in the road, sprint any little rise in the road that I saw and bombed it down a very long down hill hitting over 40 mph. Halfway through the ride I knew this bike could live up to all of the hype. It is extremely stiff in the bottom bracket yet very comfortable when hitting rough roads. Let’s just say that I will have a big smile on my face every time I mount this sucker!

I want to personally thank the guys at Bikeway– to Doug for surprising me with the S3 instead of the agreed upon S2 that I thought I was getting, to Mike and Julian for helping with the fit and to Rob for building the bike.

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