Spring Is Here…Yeah BABY!

Posted on March 22, 2010


Spring buds

Happy. So happy. So happy that spring is finally here. Last week’s weather brought us multiple days in the low 60’s.  On my way to pick up my orthotics from Rob Sobel I came across the first blooming flowers of 2010. I stopped, enjoy the view for a minute or two, happy to see the end to this winter. Did I mention I was happy? Hahaha.

My feet!

I continued my journey to Rob’s office to pick up my new set of orthotics. I was again, very happy since it hopefully marks the beginning of my run training. I’ve been off and on since January and after much frustration I went in to get fitted with Rob. He makes orthotics to control the forefoot and not the heel, unlike many other doctors do. During the fitting we noticed my left leg is 3/4″ longer than the right, causing much of my low back pain. Also, I have extremely high arches as you can see by the lack of a block line connecting the front of my foot to the back.

I’ve been wearing them for a couple of days and already notice a decrease in pain in my left arch. Can’t wait to start running!  Thanks Rob.

Bec (back-left) and Me riding across the Walkway Over the Hudson

Bec is back in town and that means nice long bike rides where the pace is honest. I chose to take her to do my annual Bridge-2-Bridge Spring Rust Buster ride…phew that is a long-winded name! I’ve done this ride several times and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment knowing I rode 65+ miles, through two counties, across two bridges, etc. Bec hasn’t ridden much on the other side of the river so I was the designated tour guide pointing out famous historic places. As always, I love looking at different architecture and beautiful houses, which again lead to a lot of pointing.

Bec crossing the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge

Bec riding across the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge

We got the ride done in under 3.5 hours and I’ll attest that more to our wicked fast Cervelo S-bikes than my fitness.  The bikes are crazy stiff and super smooth making long rides pleasantly enjoyable.

Dorthy's Prescription

Dorothy's Prescription

Also on Friday, along with visiting Rob, I met with Dorothy to get my prescribed workouts to help balance my body out. I’ve found it really interesting how connected the body is. I mean I know it is but, to actually see how a weak left glute affects my running, cycling and swimming is really powerful.  After struggling through some of the basic stuff I now have my work cut out for me to get strong.


Another reason why I’m so happy is I recently reconnected with a long-time friend from middle and high school. It’s really refreshing to have someone around you that knows you better than anyone else. They know the right things to say or do to help keep you balanced.



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