Two Steps Back to Make Four Steps Forward?

Posted on April 19, 2010


Refresh Button

Sometimes in life we are forced to start from scratch. Other times it is a conscious effort. 2010 has been full of hitting the refresh button over and over again consciously and unconsciously. I spent the weekend at my mother’s house and was able to get in some riding Sunday evening after a hectic and emotional week. Actually, it’s been an emotional year.

Since I last updated my brother and best-friend in the whole world left for Basic Training. It was a whirl-wind of feelings to know he’ll be gone for some time but, I know he’ll be doing something he loves and that, to me puts me at ease.

Cory was suppose to leave on a Tuesday and come Monday morning he gets a call that he’s now leaving in a few hours.
After much rushing around, a proposal to his long time beautiful girlfriend Nicole, and a bunch of hugs and kisses he was on his way. When he arrived to check out in Albany he was re-informed that he wasn’t suppose to be up there until tomorrow. God damn ARMY!

Brother Cory and wife-to-be Nicole

All of that was a lot to handle. Then, after dealing with that I was on my way home and someone cut in front of me, crossing several solid white and double yellow lines and slammed into me! And its my brother’s truck. DAMNIT!

Step Backwards

Luckily I have two loving parents who helped put many things lately in perspective for me.  Without them I honestly think I’d be in big trouble physically and psychologically. They helped me clear my mind and refocus on pursuing my dream.

With a clear mind I won my first race of the season…see video below, which helped me get third overall in this six race bicycle race series.

My winning race…

Now its time to get swimming more and to continue to rehab my foot.  All of this struggling has made me twice as focused and motivated to succeed. And that, fellow competitors, is not a good sign for you. Hahaha!

Top 3 overall @ Bethel Spring Series

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