A New Season Begins

Posted on May 17, 2010


It’s been some time in between posts and the only reason is I’ve been focused on many other things. MANY being the key term.  I’m glad to have all the responsibilities that I have but, its time to focus on me, get healthy, and get back to training.

Tri Film shooting-- Wassner Twins and Jon Kameen from Cervelo

Recently, I was featured in a documentary done by one of the college athletes I coach.  We had over 40 people at the Shawangunk Running Co. for the premier of it. Man, was it difficult to witness that many people watching me on TV. The process was humbling but very enjoyable.  Check it out HERE.

On another note, local podorthist Rob Sobel has been working with me to design some orthotics to 1) heal up my foot and 2) do some product testing for some orthotics to go in my racing flats. After a few brainstorming sessions I think we’ve come to a great product.

Lukas not liking the dirt climb!

With him and Dr. Ness I feel like I’m getting somewhere with my injured foot. It needs to heal because this weekend I’ll be racing in the Elite Amateur Category at the Columbia Olympic triathlon in Ellicot City, MD.  I’m really curious to see what kind of shape I am in because I’ve been getting some great riding in (i.e. long dirt climbs with Lukas) and focusing on swim technique.

Time will tell!

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