Cash Money

Posted on June 23, 2010


Coming into last weekend I knew it was going to be a long one.  I signed up for two races that fell on back-to-back days but, the potential to win money far out weighed the fact that I’d be one sore puppy!

Saturday was the Inaugural Mt. Beacon Biathlon, which had $1000 prize for the overall winner. I came into the event with one goal; to win. Like other first year events, I also came into the event with the notion that not everything was going to be run perfectly so I also wanted to just put a smile on my face and kick some butt.

And that I did. I won by over 3 min even considering I ran off course twice and biked extra on the second bike leg.

As soon as the race was done I was immediately concerned about recovering the best I could. Drinking lots of fluids and eating the right things all help aid in getting you ready for the next day.

Sunday was my first race as a newly upgraded CAT 3 cyclist. Beginners start at CAT 5 and work their way down to CAT 1 and then Pro. The course, Housatonic Hills Road Race, certainly suited my style; tough, hilly, long, and hot. I broke away from the field briefly in the first 20 miles of 54 to see how my legs would respond after doing a hard race the previous day. I knew right away I did not have the power that I usually have when seated, which made me have to stand up ever hill and deal with the elevated hear rate. Audrey Scott, a CAT 2 cyclist racing in the women’s field, told me to be patient and wait till the end to strike and I did. I waited till they let one guy roll off the front and the next set of hills, about 10 miles out, I went, bringing another rider with me named Brian from Westwood Velo. Brian and I worked hard to get out of sight and eventually caught the rider up ahead, forming a 3 man breakaway group.

The 3 of us knew we had to work together to hold of the charging peloton. I bartered with Brian to give him the K.O.M. (King of the Mountains) points but, in return he had to work for me to the finish (aka take longer and harder pulls using up his energy for the betterment of me).

As we approached the finish line, I knew I had the legs to win so I jumped with about 800m to go to try to break the will of the two guys I was with. Well, let’s say they had strong ones because with about 300m to go they flew past me up the hill to the finish line. I ended up 3rd and $100 richer.

The whole weekend made me think how in the hell riders in grand tour stage races like the Giro di Italia and the Tour de France do it, day after day, after day?

Now its time to finalize the details for the Hopewell Triathlon that I’m co-race director of. The race is being held at Red Wing Park–a place I grew up swimming at. It’s funny how things come full circle.

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