Going to Sizzler!

Posted on July 26, 2010


2010 Nautica NYC Triathlon (Navy swim caps was my wave.)

It’s been difficult for me to sit down at the computer to write this race report. A bit hard to explain the plethora of emotions I’ve been feeling over the past week or so after racing in NYC.   July 18th was a good day for me, my teammates and training partners so we’re all going to Sizzler.

Not really but, growing up, whenever we did well in sports or, more importantly, did well in school my Dad would take us out to Sizzler. Sizzler is no longer around where I live but, the memories still live on.

NYC has been a big goal of mine all year-long because by doing well there ensured several things:

  1. I would be racing against some of the top professionals in the world.
  2. The race was big enough that if I placed top 3 in the Elite Age Group category I will have met the criteria to apply for my pro card.
  3. NYC is part of the Lifetime Fitness Series and, again, by placing in the top 3 I would qualify to race in the series championships in Dallas, TX on October 3rd.

Well, I placed 3rd in the Elite Age Group category and 10th overall out of 3,000 participants!

The highlights of the actual race were:

  • Hitting all my goals of top 3 in racing category, sub 15 min swim (thanks Mike!), hammer the bike with no thoughts of how the run will feel, to run sub 34 min 10k, and sub 1hr 58min overall time (Bec’s Pro Women’s winning time last year).
  • Breaking away from the draft fest bike pack early in the bike and holding them off the whole race solo (Note:Check my Facebook profile pic).
  • Working with Elite Age Group winner Robert Wade on the second half of the bike for the second race in a row and sticking with him for 5k instead of 400m! The guy can run, but so can I when I’m healthy. Watch out in Dallas Rob!
  • Witnessing my training partners, Bec and Laurel Wassner (twins) take 1-2 in the Pro Women’s field and in doing so achieving a dream. Way to go ladies!

Things to work on over the next few months:

  • Not losing 2 min in the swim.
  • Try to have more even mile splits during the run [505 (short), 514,523, 540, 552, 705(last 1.2)]

I know the journey has really only just begun but, I’m proud to achieve this goal.

I want to thank everyone for the selfless support. The sheer amount of people who congratulated me, texted, emailed or called me was unreal. There have been so many times where I felt alone in this all and to have a moment like I had this past week has been truly eye-opening.

Thank you to my Father and Mother, family, sponsors, training partners and friends for believing in me from that one day in 2008 when I said I want to make a life being a pro triathlete.  Many people question the stability of that decision but, many more said they knew I could do it. So, Thanks! Really.

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