Posted on December 26, 2010


1st CAT 4 Win

Read this: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/riis-says-many-young-riders-are-too-spoiled

Then think about this:

What role models do young people have in their lives to encourage them to sacrifice things in order to be great?

Seriously. LeBron. Kobi. Lady GaGa. Kanye West. Lebron and Kobi were school prodigies. Lady GaGa and Kanye worked their tails off for years and often for others success until they hard their opportunity. And that is all it takes; one opportunity. But, we still only see there fame.

Whatchu think I rap for? To push a F’in RAV 4? – Kanye

I think about this concept of sacrifice a lot. As my family is inside the warm house enjoying Christmas, as I stand there fully clothed for my cold run, thinking about how sometimes it isn’t all glory. We see the wins; the loses. What we miss is all of the hard work. Even those close to you forget sometimes.

Case in point, my run on Christmas was an 8.5 mile loop that I’ve run on many times from my Mom’s house. It’s been my “Hardman” run for years. So I take off at 7 minute pace and after two miles start to crank it down. The course is part of the Dutchess County Half Marathon loop so it is marked but, I don’t run with a watch today– its my “Hardman” run and the only gauge is how hard and how long I can tolerate the lung burning pace. However, I did check the time when I left…


I’m running fast, trying to stay relaxed but, all of those cookies and soda is catching up to me. I pass my Father’s house on the loop and think briefly of pausing to check the time — I remind myself that is not really about time. I’m being to fade so I focus on small objectives…

To the next white mailbox. Stay smooth. Breathe. Focus on pulling the heel through…

I finish my run sprinting down my whole road. I’m happy to see my house. Bolt up the stairs. Burst into the house; I’m not sure if I’ve taken a breath yet to relax. Quick, check the time.


What’s wrong!? Is everything ok? Who are running from?

My Mom. Most of my blood was not in my brain and for a minute I was frustrated at the comment. Not at her but, its glaringly obvious how we quickly forget how much hard work it takes to be great.

This is what I do. You think you can beat the best in the world by screwing around— running easy all the time?

And this brings me back to the article. Our society shields our youth from struggling. And, unfortunately, to be great you need to struggle. The art of the struggle is when you only answer to yourself — only you knowing if you really did your best.  And sometimes it takes slumming it. I live in a small apartment. I live off the Main Street Bistro’s $1.95 Breakfast Special. I do my best to make ends meet and find people who understand my goals. My desire, my passion for finding my limits.

Struggled but, won in a great time! Never give up.

It wasn’t obvious at the start and I think over the years I’ve taken it for granted but, nothing great comes without some struggle. There are few gifts in this world so, you have to go out and take it.

Consider me in that phase, that is, preparing to take it from those who don’t believe in me, who don’t find value in my experiences or hard work, who don’t think I can or will. I thank those for the extra motivation.

It means even more to me when I find those people, sponsors, etc who do find me and my goals of value. So, Thank YOU!

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