Dream Flowin’

Posted on December 28, 2010


I don’t have a T.V. so I read. I never thought I’d be the person who is reading 2-3 books in one month, let alone at the same time; the one who tells you, “Oh, you should read the book before watching the movie –trust me, the book is better.” haha

One of the books I have  at the base of my bed is called The Committee of Sleep, a book about how creative individuals — artists, actors, athletes, etc. (all “a’s’…hmm) — utilize or are cognizant of how their dreams play a role in there waking lives. I’m no where near done with it, it being a bit dry, but, this video and song combination above made me:

  1. Feel like I was in a dream with its smooth “flow”.
  2. Inspired to take the “jump”; to think big; to think different.

Also, I read mostly before I fall asleep and it’s been affecting my dreams. They are seeming more lucid every night. Maybe before you know it I’ll be flying around my dream like this (bc if I had a choice I’d be doing some crazy shit!):

Makes you wonder — What do these guys dream of?

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