SOS Race Picture Book

Posted on January 6, 2011


Dear friends of mine, Ron and Erin Nagel, put together a shutterfly book of my SOS race. It was such a thoughtful and nice gift that I’ll cherish for a long time. I’m certainly going to be pulling it out and giving my grandkids the ‘ol, “Well, you see Sonny, back in my day you actually touched the Earth when you did a triathlon! Not any of this anti-gravity funny business.”

Anyways, below are the photos:

Lone Ranger. I could tell everyone I was killing it in 1st but, I'd be lying.

Castle Point Run: "I'm F&@KING FREEZING!"

Minnewaska Swim Exit: FOOD

Running out of Lake Minnewaska is always a good sign.

Moving into 1st and now its time to race.

Trapps Bridge: Note the pile of shit on my left. That's what I felt like. Shortly after this photo I used Chocolate GU to lube my chaffing arm pits. Not a good idea!

Mohonk Swim: The whole time I was thinking Swim Coach Mike Trunkes is watching. Must swim perfect form! Arms and legs where shot and had some seriously bad cramping on swim exit.

Sky Top Finish: Check out my Mom in the red trying to out sprint me. WTF! haha. Such a Super Fan! (P.S. She's taking photos with her cell phone!)

Ouch. Was thinking, "Al---most---there..."

This picture captures the huge sigh of relief to be done. Dang that Hurt!

I could barely stand but, this girl gave me my medal...awesome!

Post-Race Momma Love: My mom and SOS Momma Darlene Davis helping me to my feet.

Trying to get my socks off. No words.

Proud Momma and Poppa. I guess we all thought red was a good color for us.

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