Whatcha Looking For!?

Posted on January 8, 2011


Internet? WTF is the internet!?

Its crazy how the internet consumes us now and WordPress is not helping me with this addiction. WordPress allows you to track, or spy (I like that term better), what keywords people use in search engines to get to you site. Most of them are, “justin harris triathlon”, “Justin Harris Bikeway”, “Justin Harris is AWESOME” (just kidding!).

But, there are some other ways people get to my site. Here are the odd ones:

  • “cool scars” – 3 people got to my site searching this. I do have some. um “cool” ones.
  • “cervelo P3 lots of stack height” – 1 person– WTF! How does Goggle know this? I’m scared.
  • “i love justin wade harris- 1 person — Yeah, my middle name isn’t Wade but, I love you too.
  • “just justin harris”- 1 person — Just…JUST!?
  • “how much does chris mccormick make from sponsors?”- 1 person- How do I know? I bet you he pulls in $75,000 just to start the season. Just guessing.
  • “justin harris chest”- 1 person — hmm…stalker? There’s a famous Justin Harris who is a body builder. Def. not me though!
  • “does justin harris still train?”- 1 person — yup.
  • “laurel wassner watts”- 1 person — Watch out Laurel, someone is trying to figure out how hard you’re smashing the pedals.

Anyways, it’s interesting how the internet works.

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