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Posted on January 21, 2011


Justin Harris Elite Triathlon Card


Its Official — I’m a Elite (Professional) Triathlete!

Right now there is a mixed bag of emotions. Happy. Proud. Anxious. Nervous. Insecure.

Needless to say, it’s been a dream of mine to be a professional…well…anything. I can remember clear as day, laying in bed restlessly, with this uncontrollable feeling that I wanted to be an elite athlete so, so bad!  When I was little, it was to be a soccer player. In my teens; a BMX rider. After that; a runner/cyclist. And since 2008; a pro triathlete.

justin harris honolulu 10k run

2008 Honolulu Olympic Triathlon

I also remember the day I decided to go for being a triathlete. It was not long after taking the above picture at the Honolulu Olympic Triathlon.  It was the second time I out split a few pro’s on the run leg and after a long talk with my Father, college coach Pete, and my girlfriend at the time Kristine (who I still talk to and support — she’s trying to become a doctor!) I decided that I’d stop teaching and go for it. Now, I was well aware at the time that I had been beaten by over 15 min each time (I was chicked by Bree Wee by a pretty solid margin!) and it wasn’t going to be an easy road but, I was committed.

On that day I set a few goals:

  1. 2009 – Learn how to swim, qualify for Duathlon Worlds and podium at DU worlds. Check. Check. Check.
  2. 2010- Improve my swim, met the criteria to turn pro. Check. Check.
  3. 2011- Get my body to handle full year training and racing as a triathlete. Working on it.
  4. 2012- Make a living from being a professional triathlete and reassess goals. TBD.

I absolutely could not have done this without my family’s and friends’ support. I never feel alone in my pursuit and that simple fact means all the world to me.

Now, time to finish off the details with the Tucson Training Camp in Feb and to focus on performing up to my expectations.

Thanks again everyone!

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