New Sponsor: Champion System

Posted on January 24, 2011


Champion System supports some of the top names in the world of triathlon like Javier Gomez (SEE: 2010 ITU World Cup Champion), Simon Whitfield (SEE: Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist), Greg Bennett (SEE: Highest $$ Earning Triathlete), and they just recently signed Matty Reed (SEE: Triathlon Monster!).

I am very excited about earning the right to be represented by a company that is doing a lot for our sport such as supporting professionals.

Last Tuesday, I caught the bus down to Brooklyn to meet with Ashley Bell of Champion System to simply introduce myself so there is a face to my name on the list of 2011 sponsored athletes and to figure out what my clothing size is.  Yes, Tuesday, in the snow/ice storm. The bus driver was flying, switching lanes with no caution, tailgating, etc. I just closed my eyes and hoped I would make it there 1) ALIVE and 2) on time.  I made it alive, but we were about 45 min late. Good thing I took the 6:30am bus (ugh, I was tired!).  Time to high tail it to Brooklyn from Manhattan, which was fine except that fact that I do not think people in Brooklyn know how to shovel. C’mon hipsters!

I tried to look professional. Haircut? Check. Decent clothes? Check.   The rain/sleet killed any bit of looking halfway normal but, Ashley was very welcoming and was helpful in helping me find my size. Medium.

Afterwards, I high-tailed it to my brother Cory’s apartment on 52nd and 1st in Manhattan. Cory and I are best friends — I’ll be his Best Man at his wedding in October ! We can literally sit to watch TV and have a good time. Cory brought out Xbox Kinect, a virtual reality gaming featured made by Microsoft. It scans your face and can differentiate between people. I was impressed/scared. We had a good laugh playing it in his tiny little apartment with little space to move around.

I wanted to stay over but, I hadn’t done any training for the day so I left to head back up to New Paltz. I should have taken the bus straight back to New Paltz. Due to the snow, the connecting bus from Poughkeepsie Train Station to New Paltz was canceled. $23 taxi ride later and I was home. Jumped on the bike and did some big gear work while watching a triathlon documentary, “What It Takes”.

Overall, it was a good day and I was happy to be supported by one of the top companies in the world.

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