Tuscon and The Rat Race

Posted on January 27, 2011


Main Street Bistro Sponsored through 2011!

First, a big thanks to Doug at the Main Street Bistro for sponsoring me again for 2011 by purchasing my flight to Tucson for my training camp.  Doug, a triathlete himself, is a great supporter of sports in New Paltz! Thanks again!

Wednesday Nights are Trainer Rides at Bikeway Bicycles.  Since the weather lately has been acting like we live in Norway, trainer nights proved a little safe heaven for those of us who enjoy riding.

Trainer rides are useful for many reasons. There is no coasting really. No cars or traffic to deal with. And, it’s a great time to work on technique.  The guys up top are on rollers, which are very hard to balance on and they’re spinning like mad-men! Crazy cool to watch.

The crappy thing about trainers is it gets old — real fast! Sometimes you feel like a hamster on wheel, in a pet shop, just waiting for someone to take you away from the misery of staying in one spot. I don’t realy enjoy dreadmills either yet, have spent a lot of time on them lately.

Anyways, the trainer videos are boring to watch. Seriously, who the F$%# wants to watch other people riding on trainers while you yourself are on one. I won’t be hiring that guy to do any creative work for me that’s for sure.

Tonight though we watch a pretty cool one of people riding in SoCal and the person commentating/coaching actually knew what he was talking about so it was refreshing. I ran, swam and rode this morning so I was a little tired but, I haven’t really pushed hard on the bike. And, with Tucson around the corner I figured I’d push some big gears and go into the hurt locker for today. Boy, was I was dripping sweat!  Not as bad as my friend Adam of course (Note: Adam is 6’4″, 205 pounds of pure beef cake and sweats like a dog. It can be both fun and not so fun to draft off of him because of these attributes! HAHA!).

Some day I want to put together a ton of Youtube clips together onto a DVD to watch since some of them have great clips, enjoyable music, and could be set up to offer some variety. Enjoy this one of Dream Crusher Fabian Cancellara.

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