New Specs: Smith Optics Mission

Posted on February 2, 2011


justin harris smith optics mission

Candid Shot w/ New Glasses from Smith Optics

Not the best shot of me but, I just wanted to show off my new glasses from Smith Optics, The Interlock Mission. I choose to work with Smith because 1) Gabe Schroder, Smith’s Outdoor and Ski Promotions Manager, said he wanted to help me out and get me in some of their glasses and I thank him for that, 2) Smith’s selection of eyewear is larger and their styles are spot on! and 3) They support some of the best athletes in the world. Check this out:

Anyways, I spent a lot of time searching their online catalog to figure out which casual glasses to get.  Did I want to go bold and get something colorful? Something different?  Or stick with the same?

I decided to stick with the thick rimmed glasses since I can’t stand how the noses pieces on the wired glasses leave imprints on my nose. I also liked how they have a bit more of a square edge to them and their lenses pop out really easy so if I wreck them or want to get different lenses I can easily change them due to Smith’s Interlock design, which is explain better HERE.

I can’t wait to get my V90Max’s to train and race in!

I’m feeling a little under the weather. Nothing serious yet, just a little foggy in the head an itchy throat since my swim yesterday. The snow isn’t helping it all. I’m calling it a day, getting some good food, fluids and lots of sleep.


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