Chaos and Clarity

Posted on February 8, 2011


That video was for my friend Mike Schab. He’s exhaustible knowledge of and repeated use (sometimes forcing me to say,”C’mon man! Quit it!) of movie line quotes has conditioned me to link a feeling to movie quote.

“It’s that time of the year.”

“What do you mean?”

“Every year around this time you either get physcially sick or worn down and your not yourself.”

Light Bulb!

This was a conversation I had today with my father as we were driving to attempt to fix my broken down truck.  You see, in the past two weeks there have been a lot of “chaos “. Some good and some bad. Don’t take this as complaining because, it is what it is, stress:

  • Truck broke down last Monday.
  • It’s my brother’s truck and after borrowing it for 2 years (See: Best Brother EVER!) 2 weeks before he wants it back it breaks down.
  • Finalizing Sponsors.
  • Selling raffle tickets.
  • Looking for a coach.
  • Working 2 jobs.
  • Missing a week of training heading into training camp due to weird cold/sore throat that, after 2 weeks, is still there.
  • Being excessively tired
  • Organizing and managing team meeting for Team (See: El Jefe) for Wed.
  • Lots of snow and ice Tuesday night.
  • Meeting Canceled. Moved to Thursday.
  • Thursday meeting goes off well. Tons of paper work to process.
  • Finish 2010 recruiting at SUNY NP.
  • Finish collating 2011 recruits for SUNY NP.
  • Prepare mentally for big opportunity that is the training camp.
  • Get everything ready for training camp.

“Vitamin D”


“Vitamin D. Our bodies don’t produce enough of it during the winter because we are all bundled up.”

“And what does Vitamin D do when there isn’t enough of it in our body?”

“Chronic Fatigue.”

Light Bulb!

This was my conversation with Mike Trunkes, my swim coach and coaching colleague at SUNY NP, while eating at Subway.  Mike and Petra (his wife) are very knowledgable about being healthy.  It was no surprise to me that he had a hunch to what might be causing me to be feeling “down”. Also, Mike is a U of Arizona grad and was telling me all about the weather there. High 60’s for the next 5 days.

So, in all of this chaos, one might feel overwhelmed and helpless. Hey, I can’t say that it is all “groovy-tuvey” over here but, in all of this I feel like I am innately doing the right thing.  I can’t put words to why I feel like I’m suppose to be experiencing this all. Its strange. My mind is clear. It is focused. Maybe my body knows subconsciously that it’s only a short time away from being crushed by training.

The calm before the storm I guess.

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