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Posted on February 16, 2011


All day long

I’m doing my best.

At the camp.

About posting.

So after today I have swam more yardage in two days then I have in a week ever…and I feel ok so far. I also completed the hardest bike workout I’ve ever done in my life. 20 mile warm up on bumpy, debris covered roads, then 2x[25 min @70.3 pace/ 5 min ez, 15min @40k pace/ 5 min ez, 5 min @20k pace/5 min ez] 20 mile ride home into a head win::thank god for tough Ironman athletes::

The workout ended up being all on one road. Tucson, or I guess AZ in general, has these crazy long roads. The 25 min efforts were up a false flat into a headwind. The 15 min & 5 min efforts were downhill with a tail wind.  I stuck with some of the guys on the 1st 25 min then they toasted my ass on the downhill tail wind. Couldn’t even see them. BAMF! Then the rest of the workout I hung with Laurel.

She’s going to kill it this year…you heard it first here!

I skipped the last 5min because, well, after 1hr 25 min of intervals in 75 degree dry heat on one GU — yeah, worked. Ready to puke. Goose bumps. The whole 9 yards.

On the way home we stopped at a Shell Gas station and I loaded up on Snickers ice cream bar, Coke, Poweraid, and another Snickers.

Food. Ice bath. Shower. Food. TV.

In the nitty gritty now so updates will be much shorter.

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