Bucket List

Posted on February 17, 2011


Buckets @ U of AZ

Ah, the good ‘ol Bucket List.

Sky Diving. Check.

Go to Hawaii. Check.

Go to Europe. Check.

Do a swim set pulling buckets of water up and down. Um, Check.

Cliff had this as a part of our warm-up the other day to get a better feel of the water. The resistance kicks up big time — much more than with paddles. Obviously, the more water that is in the bucket, the harder it is for you. I didn’t have much water in there and it was still tough.

A can’t get the video to post in the blog so click on the link to check out Cliff’s Elite Squad doing the buckets.

http://yfrog.com/jqdz9z (I’m 3rd from the bottom)

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