Posted on February 25, 2011


The view for 26 miles. Mt. Lemon, AZ

::Deep Breath::

Today was a long day. 9am swim sesh straight into a 60+mile ride, which included riding up Mt. Lemon. Just some basic facts:

  • Mt. Lemon tops out at 9,157 ft.
  • We ride over 8,000 ft.
  • Its 25 miles to the top.
  • Average grade is around 4%.

It was a time interval up to the top and I think I made it in under 1 hr and 55 min. That’s a long time of grinding it out. My head felt funny after 7,000 ft and a little bit of power was lost but, it could have been from a plethora of reasons. I did notice it was a little more difficult to climb out of the saddle.

Towards the top there was some snow. Yup, snow! And before we reached our destination, the town of Summerhaven, we had a 2-3 min descent in 45 degree temps that just froze my hands solid. It was pretty painful and it took a few minutes to warm up. There was a journalist along for the ride and he was snapping photos of us while we all were freezing. They’ll be funny looking for sure.

The best part were the cookies up top and then the descent down. After bundling up like I was riding back home in NY I followed someone all the way down. The curves, that only a few minutes earlier where a signal for more climbing while going up and seemed never ending, now seemed like they were made for a bike! I think I hit my brakes less than 10 times….unreal!

We all finished the night off with dinner and dessert.

Hard swim tomorrow, easy ride and run.

Hopefully, I’ll be a little less tired and will be able to write something a bit more interesting.




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