Second Chances and Breakaways

Posted on March 15, 2011


I read a lot. Mainly because I do not own a TV but, regardless, I read at least a book a month.  I like non-fiction because I want to be reading something that I can learn facts from. I rarely purchase fiction unless it comes highly recommended.

Over the past year or so I have been hearing about Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist. Read it. Love it.

I recently picked up his Warrior of The Light: A Manual, which, as the sub-sub title says, “Short notes on accepting failure, embracing life and rising to your destiny.

Wow. Heavy stuff.

Sunday night I randomly opened the book –because there isn’t any order to the one page insights — and read this:

A Warrior of the Light always has a second chance in life.

Like all other men and women, he was not born knowing how to use a sword; he made many mistakes before he discovered his Personal Legend.

No Warrior can sit down by the fire and tell others: “I always did the right thing.” Anyone who says this is lying and has not yet learned to know himself. The true Warrior of the Light has committed injustices in the past.

But as he proceeds on his journey, he realizes that the people to whom he did not behave correctly always cross his path again.

It is his chance to right the wrong he did them, and he always, unhesitatingly, seizes the chance.

Sunday was my first road bike race of the season in Bethel, CT. It’s a great 6 race training series criterium that I participated in last year as a CAT 4. This year I am a CAT 3 and this category has more teams that know how to work together to bring back breakaways, lead out sprints and to block.

My goal is very obvious; to work hard! I mean, I paid $20-25 to register and gas money to go out there and race. I hate sitting in the pack!

Anyways, I got into an early break with some strong guys but, because the yellow jersey (aka series leader) was in it, we were pulled back into the peleton. With 9 miles to go I went of solo to bridge up to someone, worked with him for half a lap and went solo. Now, with 3 to go I could see 4 guys chasing hard and, to my mistake, I eased off enough so that they had to work to catch me, hence tiring them out, but 5 guys are better than 1. With a lap to go, the peleton was closing in and on the back straightaway I noticed we weren’t going fast enough to hold them off. I mean, we are going 23 mph and they are going 29-30mph! I jumped too far out and basically lead the whole field out.

I was frustrated because my lack of confidence in the first race to stay out solo bit me in the ass 200m before the finish. The whole field came roaring past. I should have dug deep and tried to go for it. At least I would have known that I gave it everything. But, like the Warrior, “…he made many mistakes before he discovered his Personal Legend.”

I know breakaways are good because they make me stronger and teach me more than sitting in the pack.

Here is to a lesson learned.

As for righting the wrongs, well, I try to do that the best I can.

Here are some pictures from the day that Corey Lynn Tucker took:

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