Posted on March 24, 2011


Morning View in Feb: Gates Pass, Tucson, AZ

Its been several weeks since I was encapsulated by the above picture, that is Tucson, AZ. The place and experience left a poignant impression on me and, of late, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m sure the weather this week has an effect on my mood as it seems everyone’s social networks are sounding off on how much they hate the weather. It stinks but, why view it in such a negative way?

So it’s back to the daily grind of baby-sitting, training, working, eating, sleeping, repeating. I had a solid race this weekend at Bethel (Garmin data here). Was off the front for most of the race where I won two primes and took 3rd in a sprint out of the 4 man breakaway. It’s funny because I netted $55 (won $80, paid $25) mainly because I needed to earn it to pay my Mom back for gas money. Was eekin’ out my last few bucks till pay day. I thank the guys in the break for practically giving me the second prime. I don’t know if I ooze, “Young. Motivated. Talented. Broke.” but, they didn’t really challenge me, haha.

I missed training yesterday because I had to go into work early to catch up on lots of paper work for Team While I was gone, Vice President Audrey did a kick ass job organizing everything so I could process all the applications, update racing schedules and enter members into our point-of-sale system. Approaching 100 members soon and it’s really great seeing how happy everyone involved is. Not to mention, it’s really great seeing members giddy over new bikes and pumped over the top-notch services that we deliver at Bikeway!

We are also putting on two more triathlons this year; Hopewell Kids Triathlon and the Beacon Triathlon/Duathlon! Race directing and organizing is a lot of work but, the rewards of knowing that you are providing a service to your local community that they can enjoy and benefit from is priceless. I’m taking a step back from directing the Hopewell Triathlon but, my hands and personality will be all over it!

Anyways, last week or so before my raffle drawing. Feel free to stop in Bikeway to pick up some tickets or contact me at to arrange your purchase. Lots of great prizes!

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