Great Granny

Posted on April 14, 2011


My Great Grand Parents circa 1930's

My Great Granny past away on Feb. 23rd at the age of 98 down in Florida.  We had a mass and burial for her in her hometown of Yonkers yesterday. It was good to see many of my relatives from my Mother’s side.

Born, Antoinette Teresa on September 18th, 1912 she married Theodore Parisella in 1929. Mother to Ernie, John, and Anne and Great Granny to many. My Uncle Ernie noted during the eulogy, that some of his fondest memories was her cooking. And some of the best memories that I have of her were of her cooking too.

When I was 12-15 years old my great grandparents would come to live in my Mom’s home for 2 weeks. It was great on many levels but, for a boy going through puberty and hitting a growth spurt, it was amazing because she had the fridge packed at all times!

Now, for those that know me, you all realize that I’m skinny yet I can pack food down like it’s no body’s business. However, I met my match in my Great Grandmother! Born of two Italian immigrants, she was like a work of art in the kitchen. I remember stacks of pancakes and pizzelles so big that I could barely see over them.

Granny would often finish cleaning up breakfast and immediately ask me what I would like for lunch.


“Granny, I just ate 15 pancakes 30 min. ago!”

“You must eat!”

[Granny would pinch my cheeks]

“You’re are too skinny! We must fatten you up.”

“Now, what would you like to eat?”

How could I say no to her? I couldn’t.

And, when I eat pancakes or pizzelles, I’ll remember a marvelous women who treated many to her talents in the kitchen — my Great Granny!

While we were down in Yonkers, we took a short jump over to the Bronx to see my brother Cory and his fiance Nicole’s new house. I’m so happy for the two of them. Their house, which was Nicole’s Grandfather’s house, is beautiful and they are doing a great job of making it their own.

Since the whole theme of the day was remembering people of the early 1900’s I decided to take some picture that mimicked the time era.

My Beautiful Mother

GQ'in it in the backseat.

My Brother Cory showing of some old cameras he found in the basement of his house. Looks very WWII'ish.

'Ol News Camera? "Get your paper here!"

Playing with a mirror, natural light and flash.

Sister Courtney rocking the dark chic look. Love it.

Step Father Paul and Mom. Candid.


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