REV3 Quassy Half-Ironman Race Details

Posted on June 10, 2011


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Gunning it for home!

As I headed into Quassy — being my first Half-Ironman, my second pro race and second race of the season – I put my ego aside and looked at all the data and conversations I had with others to come up with realistic goals for the race. After all, the main reason why I decided to do this race was because Bec and Laurel encouraged me to do it as they thought it suited my strengths – going uphill.

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Mile 9 of 13.1

I first looked at my swimming, which has been around 6-8k a week. Still very low but, I thought if I could swim 30 min I’d be maximizing my fitness there. On the bike, after pre-riding the course I thought I could go sub 2 h 30 min if I attacked it however, I didn’t want to attack it. I rode without a disc and with a 12-27 cassette on purpose. That is, I wanted to sit down and spin out the climbs because ever time I stood up I’d be taking away precious time away from my run. On the run I thought if I could run a 1:17 half off no training what-so-ever, I could run sub 1:20 regardless of the difficulty of the course. Overall, I thought if I could race the women and Miranda Carfrae’s time from last year, I’d be sub 4 h 30 min and in a good spot to not get chicked!

::sigh:: WORKED!


• Was calm and cool (69 degrees), which meant no wetsuit for the pros. So swim skin it was.
• Saw people for 2/3 of the swim but, then they took off.
• The women caught me with like 100 yards left. Bec was looking strong in the group and tried with all my might to stay on her feet without messing up here race. Couldn’t do it!
• Swam 30:13

• Passed Bec and another woman (maybe Mary Beth Ellis) very quickly, which actually concerned me for about 1 min because I was like, “Hmm, maybe I’m going to fast.” Decided I was feeling fine and knew what the course was like.
• Saw Rinny behind me and was trying to stay away.
• Rolled up a few guys on the longer climbs. Felt good.
• Focused on being strong and smooth.
• Thought I’d catch Julie Dibens but, didn’t happen
• Rode 2:33:xx avg 21.92 mph.
• Had an awesome dismount and cruised through transition. Looked at my compression socks that I had laid out and didn’t want to waste any time putting them on. Knew that I’d have torn up feet because my new shoes had a ton of seams rubbing my feet.
• Felt very smooth the first 5k.
• From 4-9 miles was just focusing on quick feet and stay relaxed. I had passed Dibens but, wasn’t putting too much time into her. I also was starting to feel a slight strain in my left calf.
• Saw family and friends at Mile 9. Helped me get through the last few miles.
• Broke down the big hill at Mile 12.5 into three sections. 1) get to the bridge (100 m), 2) get to the turn another 150m, 3) crest the hill (another 50m –thanks Coach Perks for instilling that in me).
• From there it was .5 miles and I just drilled it. I just wanted to take my shoes off because my feet were tore up.
• Ran 1:18:03 avg 5:59/mi

Proud Mama!


A big thanks to all my sponsors: Bikeway Bicycles, Dr. Ness, Main Street Bistro, Lake Katrine Animal Hospital, New Paltz Swim Studio, Homestead Funding Corp, Champion System, Chia Chargers and Honey Stinger!

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