Posted on July 15, 2011


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Ride up to Minnewaska - Awosting Falls

When I’m not posting much it means it’s summer time. I don’t have internet at my house so follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Anyways, with Summer comes tranquility – except for me.

Summer time is busy time for me between working at Bikeway, managing Team and my own training and racing. The past month has been non-stop with directing the Hopewell Kid and Adult Triathlon, the Beacon Triathlon/Duathlon and organizing Team’s volunteering duties.

One of the consistent calming features through this period has been Tony Rossario of Tranquil Touch Massage.  I’ve been working with Tony for about 3 months now and the results have been amazing for me. Tony is proficient in shiatsu, jin shin do, acupuncture, swedish massage and myofascial release – aka this guy uses whatever it takes to keep you healthy. He also does personal training and self-defense and although he’s in his 60’s – the guy could still kick your ASS!

However, more specifically, Tony has been doing shiatsu with me, which he does by pressing a series of points along your back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The first few treatmeants took some getting used to because it’s not your typical “massage” but after 4 or 5 sessions my body relaxed and it allowed him to go deeper and release a lot of pressure; especially in my low back.

Between Tony and Chiropractor and ART certified Dr. David Ness I’m healthy and able to finish more sessions at hard intensities.

Please visit Tony Rossaro – I promise you’ll be pleased.

He has a small practice out of his house near the Olive Garden in Wappingers (near the mall).

His number is (845) 298-2257.

Call him up and experience the tranquility that I’ve been lucky to have!


Next up for me is NYC Triathlon on Aug 7th. I skipped DC and Philly because I felt as if I needed to get more hard training in with good volume. Also, those races were a bit out of budget for me at the time.

It’s all for NYC Tri and depending on my performance there I’ll figure out the rest of the season.

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