Keep Trucking

Posted on January 9, 2012


Sunday Long Ride

This might be my motto for 2012.

My ass is killing me!

First, my truck needs some TLC so we’re putting some money into it so I can “keep trucking”!

Next, this holiday break, I found myself driving, flying and driving more all over the East Coast.

  • Baltimore and back inside 48 hours
  • Drove to Albany
  • Flight to St. Augustine
  • Drove to Miami and back
  • Flight back to Albany
  • Drove back to New Paltz
  • Milford, CT and back
  • New Paltz to Providence
  • Providence to Milford, CT

I actually found myself enjoying the driving. I’m not sure if it was my brain forcing itself to enjoy driving simply knowing that I had to do all that driving or if it was because Kristine was reading the Hunger Games Trilogy to me as I drove. Either way I literally was like a truck driver trucking along the highways.

Finally, with the truck in the shop, but more importantly knowing I have to get a long ride in I willing chose to ride, 20lbs backpack and all, the 83 miles from Milford, CT to New Paltz, NY. 95% of the roads I have ridden on when I road from Bridgeport, CT to my home in Wappingers Falls, NY. That was a part of a three day trip I took on my bike 2 summers ago.

What amazed me was how many of the roads, sights, and towns I remembered along the way. I only had to take my phone out to look at a map twice in the 5hours and 20 minutes it took me to get home. Honestly, if you’re going on a long trip I suggest letting the cyclist of the group be co-pilot as we have an uncanny sense of direction and memory of road names. I think I can recall every single road. Let me try!

Nagatuck Rd to Rt 1 of Benson Ave to Boston Ave (RT1) to North Ave to Capitol Ave to Rt 59 N to Rock House Rd to Pine Tree Lane merge onto Rt 58 to Rt 302 into Bethel to  RT 53, Mansfield Ave to RT 53 to RT 39 to Fairfield Dr to E. Branch Rd to Rt 22 to Rt 311 to rt 292 to Mooney Hill Rd, to Rt 52 to carpenter rd to clove branch rd to 376, rail trail to rt 55 to hooker ave to academy st to washington st to railtrail to pancake hallow to rt 299 home

There are a few side roads I took to connect from Rt 59 to Rock House Rd. I know the terrain but always forget the names. I’m sure I could think of them but it’s not pertinent. I think not having a TV and reading a lot has helped significantly with my memory.

Anyways, lastly, I’m focused on achieving new heights this season as an athlete and a coach. I gained a lot of insight last year into what it takes to be great and it’s going to take a lot  of ploughing through lots of miles.

I’m excited for the trials of miles and the miles of trials.

I’m going to “Keep Trucking” through 2012!

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