Roller Coaster

Posted on March 27, 2012


Deviating from the normal flight path!

Obviously I’ve been out of touch a bit. There has been some change in my life both privately and professionally and the adjustment period is taking a little longer than planed (why I have a plan for everything is besides me?). Whether we are a novice, a weekend warrior or elite athlete we all run into similar periods or blocks of time when the proverbial wrench is thrown into your routine – that illustrious abstract concept that rules our lives, makes us crazy, happy or both and doesn’t have to be so set-in-stone. It makes it harder when I’m already on a flight path that is different than most others I know.

So, what can we do when life, work, people force us to change our schedules?

Here are some of my suggestions (NOTE: I have an opinion, doesn’t mean its the only one out there.)

  1. Understand that change is inevitable and mostly good. It forces us to grow, take on new challenges and to see things from alternate perspectives.
  2. Understand WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing. If you know the whys then you can deal with the hows.
  3. Focus on what you can control. This is often the most difficult part but, we can’t dictate what others do, the weather or when the sun sets or rises but we can control how we think about them. Acknowledge this and brush the rest off…it’ll make things much more manageable.
  4. Prioritize what is necessary over those things that are idealistic. I’d love to sleep in, train and take a nap but can’t always do that. I know some of the top athletes can do that but I need to make $$ so job priorities come first.
  5. DYJ – “Do Your Job” I’ve been stressing this to my athletes lately, as well as focusing on it myself. At the end of the day no one wants to hear your sad story. There are no excuses so if you want something bad then you need to step up to the dinner table with the big boys and girls and take their meal from them…because they aren’t going to give it to you!
So, yes, life is a roller coaster of routines, challenges, norms and outliers but the most enjoyable path is often the path less taken – even if it almost takes someone out like the above photo did!
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