Posted on April 20, 2012


Been focusing on getting touches. Touches on some turnover, some long endurance sessions/days, bricks, VO2 max a little bit of everything over a 2 week span. Obviously, you want to focus on certain energy systems during certain times of the year but, frankly I think elite athletes kind of need the ability to turn around in a month and be ready to go. Most sports are that high level and it just was frustrating to be like, “Oh, I’m in base training so Im only going slow.” or “I’m in race prep so I only should go fast or be recovering.”

Frankly I feel best when I am doing a mix of things.

So, back to the touches. Since it was forecasted for nice weather and I have been stringing some solid sessions of 3-5 hours on certain days I wanted to get in a big ride, a tempo run and go from there.


Sunday saw some Team members come over to my neck of the woods to check out the American Zofingen course. We ran 30 min rode the 28 mi hilly course and ran another 20 min off the bike. Later I rode an easy hour and ice bathed.

On Monday I rode 102 mi (6 hr 18 min — kind of easy/slow). Most of it was with training partner Bec Wassner who documented it on her website. Click HERE.

Then yesterday I did an hour tempo with Bec pacing me on a bike on the rail trail (thankfully she’s been up in NP this week). I managed to go 10.14 miles in an hour — basically 5.14 mi out and 5 mile back. Splits were:

540 – turnaround and GPS issues – more like 5:35
213 (.41 miles)
Of course the aftermath is I have been slogging on my easy rides into work and have been missing out on some swimming but, next week will be a swim focus week and a little less cycling and running.
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