Know Yourself [Insert Name]

Posted on September 9, 2012


“Know yourself Odysseus. Know yourself. For a man to conquer himself, is the first and nobelest of all victories.” – Homer, The Odyssey


I lay my head knowing that I made any sacrifices for this race. It’s a culmination of 4 years.  Yup, 4 gritty years of pursuing a single goal to push my mind and body to its limits. It’s as if this is a well written play because there is no better way to test the human limits than doing Ironman.

I’m racer #30 and you can track me at !

“And if Odysseus should die, let it be like this: remembering those he has loved and those who have loved him; forgiving his enemies, and them him; and grateful for having shared the earth with the butterfly and the wolf. And should he live? The same my friend, the same.” – Homer, The Odyssey

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