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Movement Matters: A Look at Glial Cells

December 18, 2014


I recently took a course on advanced topics within Neurobiology. We looked at current research from 2011-2014 on topics of what glial cells are, what their functions are, where they are located, and how they influence sick-behavior, fatigue, energy metabolism, eating behaviors, depression, etc. Of course, I’m interested in athletics and tried to connect my […]

Know Yourself [Insert Name]

September 9, 2012


“Know yourself Odysseus. Know yourself. For a man to conquer himself, is the first and nobelest of all victories.” – Homer, The Odyssey   I lay my head knowing that I made any sacrifices for this race. It’s a culmination of 4 years.  Yup, 4 gritty years of pursuing a single goal to push my mind and […]

Fwd to Justin

September 7, 2012


“There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen. … #quotes“ This quote has lead me to sitting in Cafe Sprouts; a juice bar in Oberlin, OH

Back At It — Rev3 Maine

August 28, 2012


Thats right ladies and gentlemen… I’m back at it. At what? Well, at it. Training well. Racing. And therefore blogging. 


April 20, 2012


Been focusing on getting touches. Touches on some turnover, some long endurance sessions/days, bricks, VO2 max a little bit of everything over a 2 week span. Obviously, you want to focus on certain energy systems during certain times of the year but, frankly I think elite athletes kind of need the ability to turn around […]

Cut Throat

March 28, 2012


Roller Coaster

March 27, 2012


Obviously I’ve been out of touch a bit. There has been some change in my life both privately and professionally and the adjustment period is taking a little longer than planed (why I have a plan for everything is besides me?). Whether we are a novice, a weekend warrior or elite athlete we all run […]