Bikeway Bicycles stock only top quality products from reputable manufacturers. In their 17 years in business, they have tested most of the products they carry and feel they represent the best quality, and offer the best warranties available on the market today. Honestly, one of the best shops for service, products and overall just a great group of individuals.
Dr. David Ness, CCSP/ART, is a board certified chiropractor who specializes in helping athletes and active people to quickly relieve their pain and heal their injuries. Dr. Ness is dedicated to working with his clients to improve their strength, mobility, and flexibility.
New Paltz Swim Studio
Mike Trunkes is a swim guru. In an hour lesson I was able to drop my 50 yard time from a push off the wall by almost 3 full seconds. Mike and his wife Petra have the ultimate set-up in their house to teach with an endless pool, underwater camera and flat screen TV for analysis and shower room. Nobody can beat their knowledge and caring attitudes. All levels welcomed!
$1.95 Breakfast Special w/ 2 pancake or french toast…nothing is a better deal or better tasting.
Located in Kingston, NY, Lake Katrine Animal hospital has been keeping the animals of Ulster County healthy for years.  Dr. Mike Halstead is the owner and has such a special way with animals that my dog Tramp loves going there.
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